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mandag den 11. marts 2013

A great pasta dish with bacon and cream!

An easy and delicious pasta dish, I dare not call it Carbonara, because I know that the Italians will be a bit angry! So I just call it "A great pasta dish with bacon and cream!"

For 2-3 people
300 grams of pasta
1 2/8 cup of cream
130 g mozzarella cheese
3 pasteurized eggs
1 pack of bacon

Cook the pasta. While it is boiling fry bacon and warm up the cream in a small saucepan. Mix eggs and cheese in a bowl. Drain the pasta and use the pan again. While the pasta is hot add the egg / cheese mixture while you turn the pasta. Then add the bacon and the hot cream. Season with salt and pepper. Now it's finished and ready to be eaten!

You may want servers the dish with some homemade bread and a fresh salad!


Bon Appetite!

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