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torsdag den 28. marts 2013

Homemade Vanilla Ice Cream

YES! Finally some  ice cream on the food blog! Vanilla ice cream, the real deal! I love ice cream! This recipe is also the recipe for my vanilla cream, so 2 recipes in one, how easy is that?! Except the portions is bigger and you have to use a freezer!

4-6 people
2 cups cream
1 cup milk
1 vanilla stick
½ tsp vanilla sugar
130 g sugar
3 eggs

Get the vanilla grains out, and put them in a pot with the 2 half sticks. Mix milk, cream, sugar, eggs and vanilla sugar in. Warm the mixture up. Whisk while, and all the time, otherwise there will be lumps at the bottom. The mixture must NOT boil, then you destroy it. keep it constantly on medium heat. The mixture begins to thicken, you can see it if you pause with the whipping, then you can see that the vanilla grains quickly stops spinning. It should have a little longer, as it will be a bit thicker. The ice cream should be about 85 degrees C, then it is ready. Pour into another bowl through a sieve, or put the pot in some ice, so the ice cream can cool down. Put in the freezer 4-8 hours, then you will have a super delicious ice cream!

You can eat it alone, or serve it with anything. I would serve it to my delicious chocolate pie: Chocolate pie

Bon Appetite!

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