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søndag den 5. maj 2013

Chicken Meatballs And Flatbread

Yep, flatbread again! but I just love it! YUM! BUT I chose to make my own recipe for chicken meatballs to go with the bread, and it was super delicious!

6 people
800g chicken mince
1 egg
2 onions
5 cloves of garlic
3 tsp salt
½ teaspoon pepper
1 tsp sweet chilli
1 ½ tsp thyme

I expect that you know the recipe for flatbread, because I've made it a few times in here - but otherwise click here: Flatbread/Panbread

Chop onion and garlic finely. Fry at the pan in a little oil. Let the onions and garlic cool. Mix the meat, egg, onion, garlic and spices together. Fry a small meatball on the oan, to see if it needs more spice. Then make some meatballs in the size you want. Then fry them until they are completely cooked through. Serve with flatbread and maybe with a salad and a good dressing!

Bon appetite!

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