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mandag den 16. september 2013

Marinated Chicken Breast - Tender And Delicious!

Hello "Out there"

I'm going to show you a great recipe to make a tender and juicy chicken breast in a delicious marinade! I made the marinade about 4 hours before I roasted the chicken breasts so they could lie and have "fun in it". But even better would probably be if the chicken got into the marinade for 8-12 hours!

4-5 people
500 g of chicken breasts (each breast should be cut into 2-3 pieces)
4 tablespoons of oil
3 cloves of garlic
½ teaspoon of garlic salt
½ teaspoon of salt (maybe more)
1 teaspoon of paprika
1/4 teaspoon of sweet chilli
A pinch of black pepper

Press/cut the garlic, cut the chicken breasts in the pieces that I have written above, and then mix all ingredients in a bag. Get all air out, and then make sure your hands on the outside of the bag massage the chicken breasts well into the marinade, and then in the refrigerator for anywhere from 4-12 hours, depends on how much time you have!

Then the pieces are ready to fry in a pan, not too much! As you hopefully should get some tender pieces of chicken and not some dry and boring pieces, so careful!!

Bon appetite! Server with some pasta salad and bread! Recipe for the pasta salad comes later :-) but here is the recipe for the bread I used for this chicken: Homemade bread

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