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onsdag den 12. februar 2014

Heavenly oatmeal cookies with almond and vanilla


I would go visit my grandparents yesterday and the other pair of grandparents today, so I decided yesterday to make some cookies. I love crackers and cookies with oatmeal in, so I found a recipe online and got some ideas from there. I sat down with a pen and began to form my own and different recipe from the one I saw. It ended with some super delicious and overly crisp oatmeal cookies with almond and vanilla , which I was quite proud to have made! I actually think they taste better than the oatmeal cookies you can buy in stores. They are also super easy to make !

approx. 72 pcs 12 pieces on each sheet that's 6 sheets in total
350 g of oatmeal
250 g of brown sugar
350 g of sugar
100 g of almonds
100 g of wheat flour
300 g of butter
2 eggs
3 tsp os vanilla sugar
approx. 100 g dark chocolate that can be melted and poured on top if desired ( makes them even better!)

Chop the almonds in a mini chopper until the almonds are chopped into fine small pieces. Put them in a bowl , along with the oatmeal, brown sugar (you may just press the lumps out of the brwon sugar before you put it in), sugar, flour and vanilla sugar. mix it well!

Melt the butter slowly in a pan. When it is completely melted pour it over the dry mixture. When the butter is well mixed in the mixture put the two eggs in too.

Heat the oven to 180 C plain . oven or 160 C hot air oven .

Get some sheets ready with some baking paper! Then roll some balls. The balls must be in the size of a small walnut. Then you place 12 balls on a sheet and press them well flat so they roughly measuring 5-6 cm in diameter. When they are pressed flat and you think they are located as they should be get them in the oven.

They need about 12 minutes in the oven or until golden. When you take them out put them on a table with some baking paper on and open a window they cool quickly. When all the cookies are baked, and the last is cooled down , you can melt some chocolate and run some small lines on the cookies. If you are melting chocolate and use it on the cookies they must cool down a bit more so the chocolate can harden completely. When the chocolate has set get the cookies in a can or another thing with a lidd on.

Bon appetite!

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