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torsdag den 13. marts 2014

Chocolate truffles with rom essence and toasted almonds

I made this recipe when I needed a day to go by and I wanted to make something delicious and easy. Then I came up with these chocolate truffles with rum essence , a toasted almond in the middle and light chocolate with toasted almond pieces on top, and yum where they were just delicious ! Did I say that they are NO BAKE truffles?! So they are super easy and crazy quick to make!

35-45 pcs depends on the size

1 dl of brown sugar
1 dl of sugar
1 cup of flour
1 tsp of vanilla essence
2 ½ tsp of rum essence
3-3 ½ tbsp of water
60g soft butter (if just taken out of the fridge, give it 15 seconds in microwave )
75 g of unsweetened cocoa powder
a pinch of salt

Almonds (it's entirely up to you whether you want them in and on top, it 's not necessary. However, if you do as I have done it use enough almonds so you can put a whole in each and chop a little and get on top also, so about 40 almonds + 10-15 to chop)
In addition, you must have some chocolate for coating, it can be either white light or dark chocolate, or a mix !

Method :
If you are using almonds then you must set the oven at 150 degrees C hot air or 170 degrees C ordinary oven. When the oven is hot you throw the almonds on a baking sheet with baking paper and then in the oven with them for about 20 minutes.

Meanwhile they are in the oven, you can mix your truffle mixture together! Start by mixing brown sugar and sugar together, then add the butter, vanilla essence and rum essence. Mix everything well together to make a soft mixture. Then add the flour and salt and mix as well. Then sieve the cocoa over the mixture and stir it. Then add the water little by little.

Let the almonds cool slightly when they come out of the oven. Then you can start to roll the mixture into small ball, get a almond and a clump of truffle mixture and roll it, so the almond is in the middle and you have a nice ball. This is done with all of the dough.

Melt the chocolate in a water bath and while the chocolate melts then chop of the rest of the almonds. Now you just take a ball at a time getting it covered with the melted chocolate and sprinkle a little almond pieces on top. When everyone is finished, they should cool in the refrigerator. When they are completely cooled, you can collect them in an airtight container and store them in the fridge and eat one or more every now and then whenever you want. They were certainly a big hit in my family and they disappeared in 2 days!

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